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Visit instructions
In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, GAC pavilion will adjust the relevant visit appointment process

Open time

1. GAC Pavilion is open to the public for free during 9:00-21:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. 

2. GAC Pavilion is closed every Monday for equipment maintenance and cleaning and is closed on Mondays.

Advance current limiting measures

1. The exhibition hall is open to group visit appointment, and the number of each group is no more than 15.

2. During the opening period, the maximum number of appointments per day is 45, the maximum number of group appointments is 4 batches, and the maximum number of visitors is no more than 15 (including individual visitors and appointment visits).

3. The indoor coffee area and outdoor rest area on the first floor are limited to flow. In case of large reception or large number of people on site, the indoor coffee area will be closed temporarily.

Epidemic prevention measures

1. When the guests enter the museum, cooperate with the staff to check the body temperature and show suikang code and itinerary code.

2. Guests who have been confirmed to have no abnormality should enter the tour after using hands-free disinfectant.

3. Visitors should wear masks throughout the tour, and the distance between people should be 1 meter.

4. After the visit of each (batch) guest, the cleaning personnel shall immediately carry out the overall cleaning and disinfection of the exhibition vehicle and the surrounding environment.

Other considerations

1. Please arrange your own transport and parking when heading for or returning from GAC Center (GAC Center does not offer parking service);

2. Please provide relevant information truthfully when making an appointment; providing false or erroneous information may lead to an unsuccessful appointment;

3. Preschool children, old people and people with mobility issues should be accompanied by a custodian;

4. Those half-dressed and drunken are not admitted. Do not take hazardous goods such as flammable, explosive and corrosive materials and regulated instruments, and pets, and contaminating material to the pavilion;

5. Please take care of the environment of the pavilion, and follow directions of the staff. Do not smoke, eat, shout, chase, fight, climb, lie down, spit or litter in the pavilion;

6. Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. has the final right to interpret matters related to visiting GAC Pavilion.

I have read and agreed with the relevant instructions.
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